It’s been almost three years since the Australian Space Agency was established. What have they done in this time? Learn all about it as we dive into the goals and activities of our new space agency. Plus the latest in Australian space industry news.

Sources for the space agency goals, strategy and activities:

Australian space industry news:

  • 1 June - NZ signed the Artemis Accords
  • 2 June - Fleet Space have completed commissioning their Centauri 3 satellite
  • 2 June - ANU announced the MAVIS instrument to reduce atmospheric distortion for large ground-based telescopes
  • 4 June - Australian Space Awards dinner was held in Sydney

Upcoming space events:

  • 10 June - UNSW Canberra and RAAF panel discussion about their joint M2 mission
  • 30 June - Sebastian Chaoui from Arlula presenting on satellite imagery
  • 15 September - 12th Australian Space Forum to be held in Adelaide. Mark it in your calendar!

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