The Australian Space Agency announced an amazing 22 grants in the last few weeks. Who were they given to? What are they for? Find out all about them and all the latest Aussie space news in today’s episode.

Space agency grants:

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Australian space industry news:

  • 25 May - NSW government announced first Space Qualification Mission will be led by CUAVA
  • 11 June - UNSW Canberra and RAAF hosted a panel to discuss joint M2 satellite mission (video: 1h 36m)
  • 15 June - Inovor announced Australis, a new, larger class of satellite under development for Australian customers
  • 16 June - SA budget includes $7.9M for Defence Innovation Partnership and $20M for expanding Lot Fourteen
  • 17 June - Southern Launch granted approval by SA government for three test launches before the end of 2021

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