Troy McCann, founder and CEO of Moonshot, talks about space startups, Moonshot’s recent funding from the federal government, developing the Australian space industry, and much more. We also cover the latest in Aussie space industry news.

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Australian space industry news:

  • 17 June - Australian Space Agency granted $2.5M to a group led by ANU to develop spacecraft testing facilities in Canberra
  • 10 July - SpaceX CRS-22 returned cargo from the ISS, including a packet of wattle seeds sent up by One Giant Leap Australia. What’ll happen to the wattle?
  • 12 July - Moonshot announced they have received $250,000 in matched funding for their space startup accelerator.
  • 13 July - UNSW and Wolfpack Space Hub share access to equipment and mentor networks for space startups
  • 14 July - Australian Space Agency have granted a second license to Southern Launch for test suborbital launches from Whalers Way.

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