More on the parliamentary inquiry: satellite manufacturers, Geoscience Australia, Optus and SIAA. Plus the latest Australian space industry news.

Parliamentary inquiry into Developing Australia’s Space Industry:

Australian space industry news:

  • 13 April - US Space Command held Sprint Advanced Concept Training (SACT) with international partners, including several Australian companies. 2020 paper with more details on SACT events.
  • 14 April - Australian government announced a $387M investment in the Square Kilometre Array, including $64M funding for a new “supercomputing centre” in Perth.
  • 16 April - Gilmour and EOS SpaceLink announce collaboration on space communications.
  • 26 April - Australian Space Agency held information session for its Trailblazer program.
  • 27-28 March - Australian Rover challenge held in Adelaide. Photos on Facebook.

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